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Andis Cool Care Plus® 15.5 oz. Can

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Heat should come from your style game, not your clipper blades. Chill out with the Andis Cool Care Plus, the complete, five-in-one treatment for total blade maintenance.

True artists bring the heat, but also know when to cool it down. This blade coolant is also a disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner and rust pre-treatment expertly packaged into a single, convenient aerosol can. This complete, ultra-versatile formula helps cleanse and maintain your tools for advanced hygiene and longevity. Just a few quick sprays between each fresh cut boosts the life of your blades to new heights, while obliterating potential germs. The high-pressure, contoured nozzle even blasts stray hair out of teeth for a spotless finish, without having to detach the blade.

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