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Andis Titanium Foil Replacement & Cutter

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You don’t just cut hair. You craft wedding-day style, boost confidence for job interviews, and lay the foundations of everyday personal expression. Coated in rich, durable golden-titanium, these fine, glossy foils effortlessly finish fades and shave down to smooth skin for silky, polished looks. Ultra-strong inner cutters make quick work of stubble and hair of all types and textures. Expertly designed for the ProFoil® Shaver series, the set includes detailed instructions, making assembly replacement quick and easy.

For use with Andis ProFoil and ProFoil Plus Lithium Titanium Foil Shavers; includes replacement foils and cutting bars.
Gold titanium hypo-allergenic foils for irritation-free shaving. Titanium hypoallergenic foils provide the perfect cut. Octagonal foil shapes feed hair better.