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Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 32 oz.

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Squire Supply is exclusively for Squire customers.

Our awesome smelling water-based pomades are made to keep your hair in place for the full day and even into the night, if need be. Application is effortless with a creamy consistency.  They provide a fierce grip for slickbacks, pompadours, side parts or any hairstyle you need. Simply wash out with just water and no extra effort needed, leaving your hair feeling just as it did before you put it in.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to DRY hair for less shine or apply to DAMP hair for more shine. Start with a quarter sized amount in your palm. Rub product into hands and fingers. Work into hair with fingertips from the roots up. Ensure even distribution of product. Comb to desired style. To remove, simply wash out with water.