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Tomb45 Shave Gel, 8 oz.

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Grooming can present some challenges especially if you have thick and unruly hair that grows on various parts of your body. When you prefer a clean, shaven look (wherever you need it) you’ll get it done with the help of Tomb 45's classic, easy-to-use Shave Gel.

The Tomb45 Shave Gel, 8 oz. is designed by Barbers for Barbers! The squeezable bottle allows for application directly from the bottle without wasting any product! The clear bottle allows you to see how much you have left at all times. Aloe Vera soothes the skin, providing the smoothest shave with a fresh scent! Tomb45 Shave Gel is designed to keep the skin moisturized, add slide to the razor, and help replenish the skin with Vitamin E! 

    • VITAMIN E: Tomb45 Shave Gel can help repair damaged layers with its Vitamin E formula.
    • ALOE VERA HYDRATION: Aloe's high water content hydrates your skin and prevents scaling and dryness.
    • DOUBLES AS MOISTURIZER: Combined with aloe, glycerin is another key ingredient which acts as an emollient to seal-in moisture,  preventing flaking or roughness.
    • CLEAR GEL, FRESH SCENT: Unlike shaving foam, the clear gel helps you create clean lines and avoid re-shaving areas you've passed.

    • EASY SQUEEZE BOTTLE: A must-have for your barber station, grooming kit or toiletry bag, our 8 oz applicator bottle allows you to apply the gel without any mess or waste. It's translucent so you see how much content is left and know when to buy a new one.